Love Notes


Thank you so much for sharing such a special day (okay—2 days!) with us. Your encouragement, confidence and support were essential to our birth experience.

We hope to remain close for years to come since you are very much a part of the day we started our family.

– Emily, Rusty, and Jackson



Words aren’t enough to tell you how much your support during my pregnancy, labor and delivery of Nora meant to my family and me. You helped turn an insurmountable challenge into reality. I still cannot believe this sweet girl’s story, or that she eventually was delivered without an epidural…blows mind. Without you, I’m sure we would’ve gone to the hospital earlier. The TENS unit was also essential in managing my back labor as Nora was born sunny-side-up.

So thank you for helping me to labor at home, and giving me the courage and strength I needed the most. You are a wonderful person. Thank you for being a part of our story.

– Alison, Bill, Avery and Nora



We love your website, photo, and biographical information! We wish you continued success as you help other mothers make ‘birth day’ a pleasurable and remarkable experience. We know your kind and caring personality lends itself to this venture and we hope expectant mothers, needing the services of a doula, will choose DANA!! Our love to you and your beautiful family always.

– Mom & Dad